Victor Szechenyi  


The man who’s credited for building up an extensive wine list with more than 300 labels.  Victor, a French national, travels between his two homes - South Africa and Singapore.  During his several annual visits to South Africa, Victor can be found catching up with some of the country’s leading producers as well as up and coming talents on the latest reports on current vintages.  This lover of nature is also an exercise enthusiast, and will not hesitate to tell you that a glass or two of wine is good for your heath.  When he is in Singapore, regulars love to catch hold and ask him for recommendation - then prompty buy the bottle.

Belinda Lim  


The lady who runs the business with a strong mind and big entrepreneurial spirit and a firm believer that a good wine and dine experience need not cost an arm and a leg. Her biggest dream is to have every household in Singapore to share a bottle of wine with their loved ones at dinner. An artist at heart, Belinda combines her artistic passion with professional rigour by constantly adding touches such as creating floral arrangement for the restaurants and designing the restaurant menu during the wee hours of the night.

Dan Yeong  


The behind-the-screen man who ensures all operations run smoothly. This may sound like a simple job, but in fact includes human resource issues, stock control and maintenance ... and also chasing mosquitoes and annihilating colonies of ants. He’s also the IT expert, and takes charge of all point-of-sale training. Dan also wears the hat as the resident photographer, and his works can be seen in food menu and the monthly e-newsletter. A family-centred man, Dan loves nothing more than kicking back and relaxing with his daughter and wife. With a glass of wine, of course.

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