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Do you believe in God?  Who is God?  One evening at a dinner get-together, there were four of us, which made it easier to talk.  Our successful entrepreneur friend asked, “Who created God?”.  No wonder he is successful; he dares to question God’s existence.  I will never dare say bad things about God in case I get banished.
I am a baptised Catholic and decided to have the Christian faith instead of insisting on the denomination.  My relationship with God is on a thin line.  I almost didn’t want to acknowledge HIS existence.  Recently, when I was lying in the operating theatre, I didn’t know who I should look for.  In my desperate attempt, before I closed my eyes, I quickly said, ‘God, please be the hands of doctors and nurses around me.’  When I woke up, I became a Christian again.
Unlike my successful entrepreneur friend, I suffered the consequences of being constipated each time I got angry with God.  Maybe that’s good for me because as long as I am fearful of God, I am in the realm of HIS ordinary people.
So, for now, I am taking a break from the e-newsletter, handing the baton to my best friend and business partner, Wai Fun, to write future forewords.
I have really enjoyed taking charge of this newsletter; thank you for all your kind words and feedback over the years.
Look out for our Coravin Wine Pour list
Wine by Glass - Around the World Selections

Due to popular demand for wines by the glass, we have increased our selection!  Besides a stellar selection of South African wines (which we love), we have included choices from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Chablis, Loire Valley, Piedmont, Tuscany, Veneto, Rioja and more!  All our wines are preserved by Coravin, so we can promise you more selections and freshness. Come travel around the world with us in more sips than one.
sharing a meal with friends: where every bite is happiness
Our Sunday Best
We love Sundays as it’s the perfect day to catch up with our families and friends.  This is why we’ve extended our menu on food & wines priced at 30% off, as we believe in taking things slow and in enjoying each other’s company.  So you can truly say, “We had our best Sunday at The Wine Company!”
As usual, reservations are recommended.
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We are at Block 8, Dempsey Road
Events @ The Wine Company

Did you know you can host your company or social event with us?
We had so much fun when the Ferrari Club chose The Wine Company as their venue for their National Day celebration.  Our team has more than 10 years of experience in curating the experience for you – from food, and drinks to décor, so hit us up to see how we can help you!  Take a peek here :))

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