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Dear Wine Lover

I recently took a cruise to nowhere, which many say is a less luxurious trip from my recent Alaska cruise.  However, this was indeed my most enjoyable time!
I accepted my in-law's invitation on this cruise, fully aware that a vacation with friends and families makes or breaks a relationship.  My husband also warned me….
So I reminded myself to listen more and talk less.  Hearing other people's stories lifted my spirits, and I learnt so much that everyone is unique.  From the casino table of pontoon to midnight supper, I am amused that I am one of the FOMO nocturnal creatures, judging from the long queue for supper!
It was a short trip, and I soaked in the vibes of happiness.  On this trip, I was happy with people who cared about me.  It was real, and no one was pretending to be nice.  I ended the trip with much humility.
I hope you are with people who care about you.  That's the best blessing one can have.
Why You Should Drink
South African Pinotage & Chenin

Pinotage is the only grape to originate from South Africa, a country close to our hearts.  This unique grape is a clone between Cinsault and Pinot Noir, often full-bodied and higher in alcohol.  If you have not tried this before, you should try it at least once.  
Chenin Blanc is versatile in style and sweetness and pairs well with various cuisine types - from French to spicy Asian dishes.  In South Africa, Chenin Blanc is the number one white wine, and the country can boast of having the most plantings.

Oct Month Promo
Check out our Pinotages and Chenin Blancs!  Because for every bottle, drink in-house, you'll receive a $5 voucher.
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Sunday Treat
Yes, we plan to make your Sunday a sweeter day for you and your friend.

Spend your Sunday with us and we’ll offer you two bruschetta bites for every bottle consumed.  So come by and join us for your lazy Sunday.
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The Wine Company Sing-Along

We are so happy that life is (almost) back to normal, and we wish to have more fun.  We are pleased to share that we are finally rolling out a Sing-Along session every Friday from 10 pm to 12 midnight.  Get set, ready to go on Fri 21 Oct.

From Beatles to Abba, Money by Lisa to BTS Left & Right and 你最珍贵 to sing your heart out with us!!

You know the idea …drink and be merry!  

Make a Date with us : ))
psst, The Wine Company’s website has a brand new look! 
We told our web design team that ease of navigation for our customers is our main focus, which took us months of detailed brainstorming.  We hope the final website gives you a better experience if you want to purchase wines online, shop for gifts, purchase vouchers, or make reservations!

If you like it, can we ask that you share this with your friend?
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For Gifting, Events & Anything Else 
If you’d like to check with us on non-reservation-related issues such as corporate gifts, or to arrange a wine present for a friend or an event, kindly WhatsApp us on 98275154 or email, and we will get back to you; as soon as we can!

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