Dear Wine Lover

After midnight, when everything in my house is quiet, I use the time to sit and think.  This is when I also purge any unpleasantness accumulated throughout the day, and I take this time to embrace the kindness. 
Thankfully, I have only experienced one unpleasant encounter from an unhappy person (perhaps people tend to take things for granted).  Luckily, for me, I am blessed with happy genes, so I end up cheerful most of the time.  There is always room for joy, and I’ll take it whenever I can.  Maybe I inherited this trait from my mother.  My husband remarked that each time he saw my mother, she was always smiling.  Indeed, when she passed away, I caught a glimpse of her toenails and marvelled at how they were beautifully vanished.  It’s a blessing.
In this chaotic, unpredictable time, let’s live for the moment.  Be kind, be patient, be tolerant.  Gulp down the last drop of wine when we need to collect your glasses back.  Think of it this way—that there is always another new day, another unparalleled experience to capture the moment.  
Guess what's our favourite hour?

The…*drumroll*…afternoons is the answer, as it’s a good time to soak in the peaceful atmosphere at Dempsey.  At The Wine Company, we are open all day, so come by for Bubbly Unlimited for only $39.90 per pax.  On top of this, all who opt for the Bubbly Unlimited also get to enjoy 30% off all a la carte dishes.  Available on weekends but Sunday afternoons are the best ‘chillax’ moments.  For a non-alcoholic option, our baked-upon-order scones with clotted cream, lemon butter and homemade jam, is not to be missed.
Spicy Chinese Wanton

This month, Chef spices things up with her handmade wantons in a unique chilli sauce concoction.  Inspired by her love for all things sparkling (in particular Champagne), this is one pairing we will highly recommend.  It also makes for an impressive happy hour snack!
Editor's Wine Picks!

Honoro Vera 2018   64.90  49.90
D.O. Calatayud, Spain
Made from grapes grown on 80-year old vines, this elegant wine is crafted fully from Garnacha, also known as “Pinot Noir of the South”.  We say Viva La Spain, for this value for money buy!  Try with bak kut teh or claypot rice with waxed meats.
Farnese Primitivo “Luccarelli” IGP 2018  69.90  54.90
Puglia, Italy
Here’s your chance to try a wine made from 100% Primitivo grape (also known as Zinfandel in California). A bold, full-bodied wine, this hails from Puglia, Italy, and will go well with our pig trotter noodles and charcuterie and cheese platters.

*price excl gst
Make Reservations to Avoid Disappointment

Due to the social distancing measures, we can only accommodate half of our usual capacity, so please make reservations to avoid disappointment. We want to make sure you get to enjoy The Wine Company experience!

Yes!  We are The Wine Company!
We have received numerous calls to identify that we are the same The Wine Company as the one formerly located at Blk 14D.  Yes, we are the same (as we have been for the past 17 years), but we had to relocate to Blk 8 as the government took back the lease.  Yes, we still have your favourite cheese platter, and boast even more food options now!
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