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A3 Wagyu

Our A3 Wagyu is from Saga Prefecture  known for its impressive quality, its tender meat is inte..


Baked Cod Fish

49.90ywcc members enjoy 10% savings180g fresh cod fish, baked with skin cooked golden and crisp, gar..


Black Chicken Herbal Soup New

Black Chicken Herbal Soup

Black Chicken* Herbal in Chinese Culture is one of the most beloved dishes; it's a cure-all for illn..


Burratina, Prosciutto, Arugula

39.90ywcc members enjoy 10% savingsYou must make a reason to eat our weekly flown-in Burratina (125g..


Lunch Menu at Ling Ling

Where:      Blk 8 Dempsey Road            &nb..


Poached Lobster

59.90ywcc members enjoy 10% savings300g poached lobster in garlic and herbspsst  - while stock ..


Hot Dog

Where:  Ling Ling by The Wine Company When:   business hours 1 pc hot dog with mustard, ..


Kelp Beancurd

Where:  Ling Ling by The Wine Company When:   12 noon to 12 midnight    &n..


Waxed Meat Claypot Rice

rice prepared in claypot with chinese sausage, goose liver sausagewaxed duck thigh (if available) an..


Scones & Tea

Where:  Ling Ling by The Wine Company When:   everyday from 3pm to 6pm    ..


Charcuterie Platter

40g Brie de Meaux40g Port Salut40g Mimolette40g Bleu d'Auvergne40g Mini Saucisson & Cheddar40g C..