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We all have our low times.  There are moments when I feel like I am a peasant who has to work on my lord’s land, in return for protection and livelihood. A friend advised me to come to terms with it, sharing this story:

Once upon a time, there was a King who had 10 wild dogs.  He used them to torture & kill any minister that misguided him.  He ordered the Minister, who had offended him, to be thrown to the dogs.  Before the fateful day, the Minister started feeding the dogs, caring them, washing them, providing comfort for them. On the execution day when the Minister was thrown in, the dogs wagged their tails and licked his feet.  The King was baffled.  The Minister said, "My Lord, I served the dogs for only 10 days & they didn’t forget my service; I served you for 10 years, and you forgot all at my first mistake’.  The King replaced the dogs with a crocodile!

Sounds like a sad ending?  Well, I decided to make up my ending – the Minister poked the eye of the crocodile, blinded the creature and escaped, overthrew the King.

Despite the circumstances (working for a livelihood and at the mercy of things we cannot change), life is still good.  Let’s count our blessings and enjoy the small things that God has given us.


Premium Wine by House-Pour


Introducing ...
Premium Wine by House-Pour

Yes, now you get to savour premium pours by the glass, thanks to the new wine technology called Coravin, which allows us to keep the wines at its ultimate freshness for a longer period.

We are exceptionally proud of our French and Italian selection - look out for the likes of Chablis, Meursault, Bordeaux tipples.

And we know you’ll love these Italian varietals – Nero d’Avola, Dolcetto and Barbera, Nerello (my personal favourite)

Canary Islands


Canary Islands … where?

There are so many ways to learn about the world, and one of our favourite ways is to start the adventure with our wine list! If you do not know anything about the Canary Islands, know that they make good wines!

Start by ordering a glass of Tanganillo Blanco and Tanganillo Tinto of Listen grape varietal.

Dilmah Tea Inspired Awards


We are in the
Dilmah Tea Inspired Awards

Yes, we’ve taken the challenge to get tea-inspired at the world’s first ever Dilmah Tea Inspired Awards and our team has whipped up a few concoctions.

Our favourite: The Amazonian – a blend of Ceylon tea, Cachaca and Lime Juice.  The participants with the highest number of points wins, so we need your help! All voters will also stand a chance to win 3 days 2 nights at a suite in M Social Hotel, so come by and have a drink or two?

My personal favourite is Tea-Infused Pork Confit. Here’s our menu.

Our Food Updates  

Our Food Updates

Here’s a little secret about us – we love our teatime as much as happy hour.  This is why we bake our scones daily, and serve them up with freshly prepared clotted cream and homemade jam.  All for only $9.90.


Cantonese porridge


Due to popular request, we have also added Cantonese porridge to our Dempsey outlet!

Be Kiasu, Book Online!


Be Kiasu, Book Online!

We have launched our own online reservation system, so you can now ensure you have your favourite seats – if you let us know in advance!

Events @ The Wine Company


Events @ The Wine Company

Going the extra mile is our philosophy, and however big or small your event is, we’ll ensure every detail is taken care of.

Pop music? Check.
Special menu? Check.
Birthday decorations? Check.

You get the idea, so just contact us.


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